Download Economic Development Project Proposal Application

As stated in Ordinance No. 646 of the City of Artesia, pertaining to matters of Economic Development Planning, any qualifying entity meeting the definition set forth in subsection [11-11.4 SFCC 1987] may propose an economic development project to the city. Meeting the definition of a qualifying entity does not create any obligation on the part of the city. Qualifying entities shall submit this form and other requested information to the Greater Artesia Chamber of Commerce – Economic Development office. 

Greater Artesia Economic Development Corporation

Raye Miller – Mayor, City of Artesia

Aubrey Hobson – City Clerk, City of Artesia

Hayley Klein – Artesia Chamber of Commerce

Chad Harcrow – Harcrow Surveying

Anna Whitmire – J. S. Ward & Son Insurance Agency

Richard Price – Chase Foundation

Jim Townsend – State Representative

Chuck Pinson – Central Valley Electric Cooperative

Greg Marrs – First American Bank


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