Artesia Public School District includes Grand Heights Early Childhood Center (kindergarten only), five elementary schools (grades 1-5), Artesia Intermediate School (grades 6-7), Artesia Junior High School (grades 8-9), and Artesia High School (grades 10-12). Peñasco School (grades K-8), located 50 miles west of Artesia, is included in the district and is designed to serve the ranching families historically connected to our community.

The district educates nearly 4,000 students and is staffed by more than 450 faculties and staff, including teachers, aides, administration, and maintenance, making the school system one of the largest employers in the community.
Premier athletic, ag science, choir and band programs at Artesia Public Schools make Artesia truly the City of Champions.  To learn more, visit For more information about New Mexico’s public education system, visit

Artesia Public Schools
301 Bulldog Blvd.
Artesia, NM  88210


Local couple Mack and Marilyn Chase established the Chase Foundation in 2006 to help serve Artesia and the not-for-profit organizations within Southeast New Mexico.  Believing in collaboration, partnership, and positive community initiatives, the Foundation has supported dozens of worthy causes that demonstrate care for the community.

Most notable is the Chase Foundation’s scholarship program, awarding scholarships to college-bound high school graduates of Artesia who have maintained a 3.0 GPA throughout high school.  Chase Foundation recipients who maintain a qualifying GPA throughout college may keep the scholarship through the 4th and even 5th year of study.  Since its inception, the Chase Foundation has granted more than $11 million in scholarships.  To learn more, visit

Chase Foundation
2103 W. Main St.
Artesia, NM  88210


For information about higher education opportunities in Southeast New Mexico, please visit the following sites:

For more information about other higher learning opportunities throughout New Mexico, including initiatives, technical schools, and universities, please visit


Artesia Massage Therapy School

At the Artesia Family Wellness Center is a state-certified higher education training program for massage therapy.  The school offers a 700-hour certificate program in massage therapy, going beyond the state requirements to include an emphasis on fitness and wellness, nutrition, first aid, and CPR.  The course runs over a 10-month period, with classes two nights per week and alternate weekends to accommodate the average work schedule.  Completing and passing the course will prepare students for the national exam for licensure to practice. Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age.  For any additional information, call 575-746-3662 or email

Artesia Training Academy - Truck Driving School offers a five-week course in CDL training, working to meet the demand for licensed truck drivers for our local workforce.  With a 99% graduation and state testing pass rate, Artesia Training Academy is an excellent opportunity for job training.  Additionally, you can email or call 888-586-0144 for any questions.



Artesia Head Start is a federally funded program for children ages 3-5.  Priority is given to families with income below the federally determined poverty level.  The program is designed to help children prepare for school by giving them an early opportunity to develop social skills.  They also address education, health, and nutritional areas.

Artesia Head Start
615 W. Kemp Ave.
Artesia, NM  88210

There are several private pre-school and daycare options for your childcare needs. We are currently updating our list.


Artesia Classical Academy offers an educational option that not only will give students a strong educational foundation but one that is Christ-centered in every aspect.

Artesia Classical Academy
2512 W. Bush Ave.
Artesia, NM 88210

Paideia Christian Academy is a Classical Christian School dedicated to providing an education for the children of Artesia fully based on a robust Christian worldview. They are a Christian community seeking to ensure the success of the next generation.

PCA Artesia
402 W. Grand St.
Artesia, NM 88210

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