Important Phone Numbers

Moving can be an exciting and trying time. We would like to help you get through it with as little trouble as possible. Below is a list of contact information for getting things going at your new home here in Artesia. We’ve included services to activate as emergency contact information and a bit more.
Emergency 911
Eddy County Sheriff’s Office 575-746-9888
Non-Emergency Fire Department 575-746-5050
Non-Emergency Police Department 575-746-5000
Mayor’s Office 575-746-3593
City Hall-Clerk’s Office 575-746-2122
Artesia Recreation Center 575-746-9009
Artesia Historical Museum & Art Center 575-748-2390
Artesia Housing Authority 575-746-3529
Artesia Municipal Airport 575-748-3206
Artesia Municipal Court 575-746-9401
Artesia Public Library 575-746-4252
Artesia Transfer Station-City Landfill 575-748-8812
Artesia Senior Center 575-748-1207
Animal Control 575-616-7155
Animal Shelter 575-746-8860
Public Safety Complex 575-746-8500
Village MVD 575-308-0321
Central Valley Electric Cooperative (rural Community) 575-746-3571
Xcel Energy-Electric Service (in town) 800-895-4999
DirecTV 800-370-3587
PVT-Cable TV/Internet/Phone 575-748-1241
PVT-Phone Service (in town and rural) 575-748-1241
Century Link-Phone Service (in town) 800-244-1111
City of Artesia Water and Waste Management Department 575-746-2122
Water Department Emergency (After Hours) 575-746-5000
Artesia Rural Water Co-op 575-748-2771
Cottonwood Rural Water Co-op 575-746-9597
NM Gas Company 575-746-3546
Verizon Wireless 575-746-9370
AT&T 575-746-6638
T-Mobile 915-731-3840
Cricket Wireless 575-746-9214
County Assessor 575-746-9879
County Road Department 575-746-9540
County Treasurer 575-746-9879
Department of Motor Vehicle 575-746-1323
Eddy County Health Department 575-746-9819
Artesia Daily Press 575-746-3524
Pecos Valley Broadcasting 575-746-2571
Artesia General Hospital 575-748-3333
Artesia Public Schools Administration 575-746-3585
FLETC-Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 575-748-8000
Income Support Division 575-748-3361
Senior Citizen’s Meal Site 575-746-6712
Veterans Administration Clinic 575-746-3531
For more information contact the Artesia Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Center at 575-746-2744.
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