Sunny Days are Here!

Rain and Cold not your thing? Come to Artesia!

The sun shines on Artesia on average 279 days per year and has an average of 13.2 inches of rainfall. With the sun, comes the heat, a dry heat, and an average July temperature of 94 degrees with some days spiking into the low hundreds.

With an elevation of just 3,380 feet, the winters are very mild. The average high in January is 57 degrees and dips into the low 40’s at night. We generally get enough snow for at least one snowball fight every winter, but most of the time it’s melted off by 10:00 am. Our annual average snowfall is 6.6 inches.

What’s the downside? There’s one in every climate, right? For us, it is the wind. Average spring winds are 9.5 mph with gusts up to 40 or higher. But with the wind comes the best sunsets and sunrises southeast New Mexico has to offer. Our vast open skies offer the best opportunities for stargazing as well.

Join us in Artesia!

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