Balloon Sponsor Registration

Balloon Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsor signage on Balloon Basket (provided by Sponsor)
  • Invitation to Friday Night Pilot-Sponsor Reception
  • Opportunity to Crew and Fly (Weather Permitting- Pilot has sole discretion on whether to fly, number of "hops" they are willing to make to trade out passengers, as well as the number of passengers the basket accommodations)
  • Sponsor Gift and Balloon Pin

Sponsors who agree to "Crew" for the Balloon Pilots on Saturday and Sunday morning agree to provide a minimum of 3-4 individuals who are willing to help with balloon inflation and post-flight pack up. Pilots depend on this help and may not fly if a crew is not present. (Sponsor "Crew" has first priority for balloon ride. Please be advised that the number of passengers is subject to basket capacity and left to Pilot discretion.)

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