Sally Chisum

Renowned sculptor Robert Summers completed the 200% life size Sallie Chisum bronze sculptor located on MainStreet. Sallie’s look is displayed as strong, independent, and self-assured, but also shows her softer side. Sally was known to be a fabulous storyteller and particularly attractive to the town’s children, who would visit her often to hear her tales. In the sculpture Sallie stands with two young children, telling them a story about Billy the Kid as she holds a book printed in 1882 written by Pat Garret called “An authentic Life of Billy the Kid.” That particular book was chosen when the Sallie Chisum sub-committee learned that The Kid had visited Sallie often on the Jinglebob.

Sallie Chisum the niece to the famous cattle baron John S. Chisum, is a character in Artesia’s History worth honoring: a pioneer, a developer, a woman often overshadowed by the now legendary figures who claim the Wild West in history books.

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