At an elevation of 3,380 ft., Artesia has a moderate desert climate, with an annual average daily temperature of 60°F and annual average precipitation around 12”. During the warmer season, typically May through September, the daily average temperature is 88°F. During the colder season, normally November through February, the daily average temperature stays below 64°F. With sunshiny days around 86% of the time (or 314-320 days annually), daily average temperatures rarely dip below 22°F or above 102°F, although daily swings in temperature may be between 30° and 40° from the warmest part of the day to the coolest part of the night.

Seasonally, winters are generally mild with little or no snow and temperatures often not dropping below freezing. While spring temperatures remain mild, Springtime winds can be quite gusty. Summer offers a dry heat that will peak in the low 100s at least a few days of the season, until autumn ushers in cooler temperatures and bright colors in the foliage.